We can create activities custom tailored just for your family or group based on your interests !

Telling the story

These are a few of our favorite tours, to speak with a specialist to book a tour call +1(601)660-7300
  1. Art Painting Class
    Art Painting Class
    Create your one of a kind unique piece of art, and have a boxed lunch and tea. 2-3 hour workshop, 10 choices of subjects,...8x10 canvas, all painting supplies provided. Natchez and more locations.
  2. Ghost Tours
    Ghost Tours
    Just beneath the charm of classic southern mansions and gardens are ghosts and spirits. Let our guide walk you through the downtown area by candlelight.
  1. Blues
    A rich interpretation of Blues and the origin of the rich music heritage from the original African native, folk, gospel, riverland and Jazz. Highlighting major influences of Bud Scott, Ealey Brothers, Mickey Gilley and Jerry Lee Lewis.
  2. Mixology
    Southern cocktails and the classics with a twist. a variety of them could include Mint Juleps, Milk punch, Honeysuckle watermelon, Old Fashioned, Sazerac, Bloody Marias served with cheese straws and Pralines.
  3. Natchez History
    Natchez History
    Tours are 1.5 hours or full day
  4. Dining with Songs
    Dining with Songs
    The sounds and songs of the south (45 min lecture) with lunch or dinner @ Rolling River Bistro. Hymns, Gospel, Rocknroll, Jazz, Showboat and Opera.
  1. Magnolia Hall
    Magnolia Hall
    Evening tour of Magnolia Hall with dinner and cocktails by moonlight. Vocalist to sing songs of the south.
  2. Kayak Catfish
    Kayak Catfish
    Kayak along the tributaries of the Mighty Mississippi, sling a line in to catch a catfish along the kudzu lined banks of the deep muddy waters. Catfish dinner with coleslaw, turnip frys, hush puppies and iced tea.
  3. BBQ Blues
    BBQ Blues
    Come on out to the end of cemetery road for BBQ and Blues at the river farm.
  4. Frogmore Dinner
    Frogmore Dinner
    Dinner in the cotton field at Frogmore cotton plantation.